Paired with a robust online marketing plan, a well thought out timeline can help you hit your business goals.

Hey, did you hear about the company that didn’t create a timeline for their online marketing plan?
No one did. Because their project never got started. 

Jokes aside, this happens all the time, and the companies affected face serious consequences. All companies need to make and implement a great timeline to pair with a comprehensive online marketing plan. After all, if you don’t have a schedule for key events, how can you track outcomes? Playing without keeping score is great for peewee football, but it doesn’t fly in professional marketing efforts.

Marketing plans and timelines hold you and others accountable for the strategy you put into action. They also help organize creative ideas so they don’t get lost. And it all starts with a plan designed to make your brand shine bright in the marketplace.

Top 10 Elements to Include in an Online Marketing Plan:

  1. A clearly defined objective for easy reference
  2. Long and short-term goals, so you can have both big-picture strategy and small-scale details
  3. Historic performance data such as clicks, impressions, website visits, conversions, cost per acquisition (etc.) to use as benchmarks
  4. Identification of your audience, including demographics, personas and needs
  5. Success measurement, with key performance indicators that are realistic
  6. Budget ballpark, which should be flexible but still measurable in terms of daily spend allowances
  7. Key personnel, like dedicated moderators for your online community
  8. Specific skills and talents, such as an expert creative team that can craft Instagram posts or Facebook conversations
  9. Technical resources for tracking, creative, website and other platforms
  10. Review procedures so you can adapt and respond quickly

When think through the top 10 steps for your online marketing plan, you’ll find that all your needs will start to coalesce so that you can meet your goals. The final step is your marketing timeline. A comprehensive yet flexible timeline –with room to cover emergencies and delays– will help you achieve key goals on your way to meeting that ultimate objective. Many people fail to create measurable goals for digital campaigns, which means–not surprisingly–that they fail to get to that well-articulated objective.

A robust marketing plan and a detailed timeline are an ideal pair. Make the effort to create a plan that’s built on target audience insights, and then lay that plan over a realistic timeline. You’ll be assured that your company will be be on route to achieving results.


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