Test, Learn & Perfect to Succeed with Email Marketing.

Everyone gets too much email. And folks send half of it to the virtual trash bin without even giving the poor things a chance to explain themselves. That’s why your business needs to step up its email game. No need for huge overhauls though, specialized tweaks can do the trick. These five professional email adjustments can help you perfect your company’s emails, making a tremendous difference in campaign results. Now, before you press “send”… 

5 Minor Email Adjustments That Can Make Major Performance Improvements

  1. Make the Most of A/B Testing

Testing variations of an email among your recipients can determine your most effective combination of message, images, and call(s) to action. A/B tests hone in on the most effective elements and tweak emails to achieve the best version. Whether it’s text vs. HTML, a blue button vs. a red one, or a seemingly inconsequential change, even the most minute nuance can make a big impact on open rates and click-throughs. When user experience is perfected thanks to attention to email marketing details, it’s a win-win for the customer and the business.

  1. Keep It Consistent

Perhaps you feel the need to switch things up to entertain readers or to quell your own boredom in the creative department, but … not so fast! These actions could affect your database. Consistency builds recognition and goodwill. Reinforcing your image, tone, and values creates branding. So if readers aren’t asking for something new, don’t fix what’s not broken. Establish an email marketing KPI threshold and adjust accordingly. If your analytics show your prior emails no longer hit the mark, revise, but keep your core feel so you don’t alienate readers.

  1. Perfect Personalization

Before sending an email starting with “Dear Betsy,” think about how you feel when you get those. Ever received one with “Dear —-”  because you never entered your name on the company’s list? Sometimes, the quest for personalization becomes less than personal. If you want your readers to feel like you know something about them, make sure you have enough email marketing information to back it up. Do you know their shopping habits or how often they purchase so you can alert them to a new product? Good, real personalization shows you pay attention.

  1. Check Your Frequency

People are bombarded with emails. Sending more doesn’t mean you’ll get more sales; in fact, you can annoy your audience. Be sure the email you’re sending is necessary, and only send extras for important promos or news. Test to figure out the best days and times to send based on open rates for a successful interaction. Email systems can help you manage customer expectations by self-adjusting settings, and a digital marketing agency can assist you with an effective email marketing and communication strategy.

  1. Get Down to the Subject

It may be the 5th tip here, but many email marketing gurus consider this element most important–and for good reason! After all, the subject line is the first thing your customer will see. Do you go for funny, urgent, provocative, or something else? It depends on what you’re sending. Make sure the tone and text of the subject matches what’s inside. When in doubt, stick to informative, friendly, and timely. Lead with the most important message, and keep it scannable.

These minor adjustments to your email marketing approach can help your company improve performance in a major way. Happy emailing!


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